Reception Room

The Park Hotel Tyrrenian knows how much it’s important for the future bride and bridegroom live the most beautiful day of their life in a perfect location, which can reflect, with careful and qualified staff, your desires.

Contacting the Reception by telephone or by e-mail, you could require a meeting for an estimate without obligation with our Maitre, who will be at your complete disposal to show you in all details the organisation and the halls for your wedding reception, they will know recommend the menus more right for your exigences, to continue then with all could make fascinating your beautiful day.

From the beginning untile the great day, you will be followed in everything you’ll need. You’ll have the possibility to do the menù test, so that you can taste the selected courses and ones more in alternative, suggested by our chefs, who have a decennial experience in this sector.

Celebrate your wedding at the Park Hotel Tyrrenian not only will make unforgettable the most beautiful day of your life, but will immerse the bride and bridegroom and all their guests in an elegant atmosphere.

The Room

You will have the possibility to chose the room more congenial for you

  • Diadema
  • Vele
  • Dipinti
  • Donatella
  • Diadema


    The elegant and imposing “Diadema Hall” (400 seats cc) for a party at the top.
  • Vele


    The most modern and new “Vele Hall” (380 seats cc) for a shining and excellent banquet.
  • Dipinti


    The romantic and picturesque “Dipinti Hall” ( 130 seats cc) for more private and reserced wedding receptions.
  • Donatella


    The hospitable and brilliant “Donatella Hall” (180 seats cc)

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